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Bubblemania and Company
           Nothern California:
                 Bay area, Sacramento
             (310) 446 6115

  Southern California: 
Los Angeles, Orange County, San Diego
      (310) 446 6115

 Frequently Asked Questions  

 What are the ages that enjoy the show?
Although the best ages for the show is from 3 to 8,  we perform many parties for children from ages 1 till 12 and all ages are always thoroughly entertained.

Does the show have to be indoor?
There has to be at least 3 walls (as in a garage) in order to perform the show, as any draft will prevent the ​Bubblologist from performing the show successfully. If no indoor area is available you can still enjoy an outdoor​ party playtime (see parties for details.)       

Are you sure that 1 hour is long enough at a Birthday Party?        
  Yes, 35 minutes indoors for the main show and 25 minutes outside with activities seems to be just the right amount of time and will leave you enough time for the other activities you may have planned.​​

I just got brand new wooden floors, will they get damaged?
Absolutely not. A large tarp is placed on the floor preventing any damage to the floor. Very small amounts​ of bubble solution may fall on the floor after a bubble pops outside the tarp area but your Bubblologist will​ always make sure that everything is clean and left in the same condition as it was when he/she arrived.  

 My son is only 1, will he be able to enjoy the show?
Yes, your Bubblologist will always tailor the show to the audience. If the children are really young, the show will focus less on science and more on the magic of bubbles and ​still dazzle everyone. ​     

                           What areas do you serve?                            
Bubblemania proudly serves Southern California from Santa Barbara to San Diego as well as the San Francisco Bay Area and Sacramento