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Bubblemania and Company
           Nothern California:
                 Bay area, Sacramento
             (310) 446 6115

  Southern California: 
Los Angeles, Orange County, San Diego
      (310) 446 6115

Bubblemania is proud to introduce Mega Nerf Parties. They are called Mega Nerf parties because we use only Mega Nerf guns with Mega darts. The mega Nerf guns have an 85 feet range and greater accuracy. Mega Nerf Parties must be performed outdoors and you must have at least a 200 square feet area of grass. Mega Nerf Parties are great at parks but can be performed in yards as well. Our Referee will bring enough Mega Nerf Guns, ammo and safety goggles for 20 kids.  

Each party will start by a warm up on our obstacle course followed by target practice on our large pop up camouflage target. The the real fun begins with several Mega Nerf battle options: Capture the flag, Save the president, Hunger games etc...

Our Refs are very safety conscious and will explain all of the rules to the kids to help ensure that everyone stays safe. That being said, injuries can occur when children are running and shooting Nerf darts at each other. By booking a Nerf party the host assumes any and all responsibility for any injuries that might occur during the party and agrees to hold Bubblemania and Company LA LLC, their affiliates, assigns, employees and independent contractors harmless and release them from all liability. Each parent will be required to sign a waiver of liability before their children can participate.

For safety reasons the maximum number of participants is 20.

pricing is as follows:
   1 hour:     $225
    1h 30mn: $285
     2hours:   $365